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IRA Eligibility

Use this calculator to determine whether you qualify for the different types of IRAs.

Cost of Retirement

Use this calculator to estimate how much income and savings you may need in retirement.

Impact of Inflation

Estimate the future cost of an item based on today’s prices and the rate of inflation you expect.

Taxable Equivalent Yield

Calculate the rate of return you would have to receive from a taxable investment to realize an equivalent tax-exempt yield.

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Doing Your Heirs a Favor

Although a will and a trust specify disposition of assets, many other details of an individual’s final wishes might be explained in a letter of instructions. This article offers some topics to consider addressing in the letter to help loved ones make decisions and take care of final arrangements.

Do You Have Enough Disability Coverage

Disability can affect anyone without notice, and a well-paid professional in the midst of a productive career has much to lose if he or she suffers a medical problem and is unable to work. But there are ways that high earners can expand their coverage and help ensure that their income, assets, and lifestyle are not at risk from a potential disability.

Socially Responsible Investing Joins the Mainstream

Assets in socially responsible investments (SRIs) have climbed in recent years as more investors seek to invest according to their personal beliefs. This article looks at the different types of socially responsible, green, and sustainable investments available and reminds readers to consider traditional portfolio fundamentals when selecting SRIs.

HOT TOPIC: Looking Ahead in 2012

2011 was a year of slow economic recovery, market volatility, and political conflict over the budget, the national debt, and taxes. All of these challenges continue to face us as we begin the new year. This article presents an overview of some of the issues that bear watching in 2012.

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